Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Rome and in Teramo...

Even on a cloudy day, the colors of Rome are warm and welcoming.

On the way to our favorite restaurant, just off Piazza Barberini

It's raining, and umbrella sellers pop up like mushrooms.

Via della Purificazione in the rain, going downhill to Piazza Barberini

Sun at last

A skeptical John Paul II and a wonderfully Latin Pope Francis on postcards near the stairs to San Pietro in Vincoli

A poodle with a halo on the stairs to San Pietro in Vincoli

Michelangelo's Moses in San Pietro in Vincoli

Permanent Halloween ...

A nun climbs toward San Pietro in Vincoli

Toward the end of "la passagiata" in Teramo, Abruzzo. The whole center of town is exclusively for pedestrians. They're even suppressing the sidewalks.

Stones from ancient Roman tombs used to build the ancient Romanesque Duomo

Checking out the death notices, is she thinking "I'm still here!"?

Nobody could explain why the lion was in front of the panel.

A more typical post-coffee conversation among Italian men would be hard to imagine.

The Duomo in Teramo; brilliant sunlight and black clouds ...

How many pit stops on US highways offer narrative poetry?

Carrousel in Teramo

Heavy weather coming in across the Gran Sasso, Italy's tallest mountain, as we are leaving Abruzzo.

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel ... 

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